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Micelle Press is an independent, technical publishing company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1984 as a partnership by the late Anthony Hunting and his wife, Janet Hunting.

The experience that Anthony Hunting acquired during more than twenty years spent in formulating, preparing and supplying raw materials for the cosmetics and toiletries industries in the United Kingdom and the United States made him familiar with many of the problems that beset current-day formulators. He also gained extensive publishing expertise from running Micelle Press for over thirty-six years, during which time he wrote several books of his own and commissioned and published some outstanding books by other authors on cosmetics and fragrances and their ingredients. Anthony’s experience of publishing these books served to enhance his knowledge of the cosmetics, toiletries and perfume industries.

The overriding aim of the company’s founders has been to produce and distribute technical books and textbooks of a high standard that are designed to serve the needs both of professional scientists employed in the cosmetics, toiletries and perfume industries and students enrolled in higher-education courses in perfumery and cosmetics science.


Forthcoming titles: A History of Dentistry and Oral Care (in two volumes)

Micelle Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the first of two volumes of an important new book – A History of Dentistry and Oral Care – written by Dr Paul Riley. The first volume, entitled A History of Dentistry, gives a detailed account of the early providers of dental treatment, particularly in Britain, France and the United States, the development of the dental professions, dental schools, qualifications and literature, the early history of women in dentistry, the increasing attention to children’s dental health, and the development of anaesthetics, X-rays and dental equipment. The second volume, The Development of Oral Hygiene Products, focuses on the development of modern therapeutic dentifrices and dentifrice formulations. The evolution of other oral hygiene products, such as mouthwashes, and of mechanical tooth-cleaning devices, such as toothbrushes and dental floss, are also covered in detail. The author, Dr Riley, following a long and successful career with Unilever at its Port Sunlight Laboratory in the United Kingdom, first as a research scientist, then as Development Manager in the company’s Global Applications Unit, and finally as Raw Materials Supply Chain Manager, is now a freelance consultant in oral care technology. He is a member of the Lindsay Society for the History of Dentistry. Both volumes are well illustrated and comprehensively documented, and they will thus provide a valuable source of information for students enrolled on university courses in dentistry. Their detailed treatment of the development of the dental profession and dental products will be of interest to both the practising clinician and the cosmetic chemist. They will also appeal to the general reader, for they provide, in non-technical language, a fascinating insight into a science that is critically important for the maintenance of health and well-being. This edition is to be published in two volumes, to be sold separately.

Volume 1: ISBN 978-1-870228-33-6

Volume 2: ISBN 978-1-870228-34-3

The expected publication dates will be provided on this page as soon as they become available.

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