Carbohydrates: Fundamentals

and Applications

By Salvatore Paul Gimelli, 2006

Hardback, 226 pages

160 x 240 mm, 6.5 x 9.5’’

ISBN 978-1870228-29-9



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The author’s expectation is to introduce to the novice and the practitioner the structures, reactions and applications of a group of compounds known as carbohydrates.

These play an important role in our lives and in life itself. Nature provides us with a plentiful supply of glucose, which is produced by the simple reaction of carbon dioxide and water under special conditions. Glucose can then polymerise to form glycogen, which is stored as the energy supply for humans and other mammals or is polymerised to form cellulose which serves as a structural material in plants.

This study of carbohydrates, therefore, includes topics such as the reactions, structural determinations, laboratory syntheses, analytical procedures and their use in cosmetics and other products. A question-and-answer session is also provided for those who wish to use the book as a self-study text.