Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics 2

Edited by Petrina Fridd, 1996

140 x 230 mm, 5.5" x 9"

Hardback, 190 pages

ISBN: 978-1870228-13-8



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This is a companion volume to the 1993 book (now out of print) entitled Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics. Both books are based on symposia organized by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. This latest volume records some of the papers presented at a symposium held at the De Vere Hotel, Swindon on 23-24 November, 1992. The meeting was organized by Dr Petrina Fridd, who has edited the papers included in this volume.

Chapter titles include:
The true meaning of "natural"; How safe is "natural"; Natural colours for cosmetic and related applications; Natural lipids: valuable raw materials in cosmetics; Vegetable fats for cosmetic applications; New opportunities for the application of shellac in cosmetics; Algae-derived proteins: their extraction and action; Function and substantiation of some natural plant materials; Herbal complexes with proven efficacy; The changing role of plant extracts in drug discovery and personal care

"The application of natural materials in the formulation of cosmetics is discussed and several authors provide advice on the types and concentrations of natural materials that can be incorporated into cosmetics with tangible benefits to consumers."
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, Nov/Dec 1996

We regret that Natural Ingredients in Cosmetics I (ed. Grievson et al.) is Out of Print and not available new.